The 6 Health Benefits of Custom Orthotics

15 May 2023

Let’s talk orthotics! Plenty of people have no clue what custom orthotics are actually designed to achieve, and no idea about the amazing health benefits they have to offer. Designed to provide unmatched support and tailored foot health solutions for all sorts of conditions, getting a pair of custom orthotics could very well be an option for you.

Continue reading as we explain what orthotics are, how they work, and six of the unparalleled health benefits on offer. From flat feet to bunions, there are countless foot problems that could be solved with a custom pair of orthotics. They could even help your posture! So, let’s jump right into it.

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What are Custom Orthotics?

First things first: what exactly are custom orthotics? How do they work?

To put it simply, custom orthotics are shoe inserts designed specifically to support and align your feet. Using molds and biomechanics analysis of your body and gait, the inserts are made from materials like foam or gel to fit your unique foot shape. These can then be swapped between pairs of shoes, ensuring you can enjoy maximum comfort and form healthy habits as you go about your daily life.

The goal of orthotics is to help your feet function properly, support them throughout the day, and correct misalignments. These can be used not only to reshape foot deformities, but also to improve alignment and posture all throughout your body. Getting your feet in order can help reduce stress on your joints, relieving pain that you might have never correlated with your lower limbs!

By redistributing the pressure placed on certain areas of your feet, orthotics can work to relieve pain and prevent further injury. They are often used to improve the way you walk and to correct imbalances. All in all, custom orthotics are a common treatment provided by podiatrists, and are a non-invasive solution to a wide variety of foot conditions!

Benefit #1 – Tailored Care

Here’s the thing about custom orthotics: they’re 100% customised to your health needs. It’s in the title for a reason!

Your podiatrist will take in several factors to ensure your pair of orthotics is tailored entirely to your body, including your foot shape, medical history, lifestyle, and any ongoing pain. These inserts are built totally for you, meaning you receive the optimal treatment for your unique needs. Over-the-counter orthotics can’t provide this thorough and personalised level of support.

Benefit #2 – Easing Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions such as arthritis or diabetes can pose a significant health threat to your feet. The last thing you need is to lose your mobility as a result of these conditions, and by getting custom orthotic inserts you can help protect your feet from degeneration. If you struggle with any chronic conditions that affect your foot or leg health, consider orthotics to lower the risk of injuries.

Benefit #3 – Helping With Foot Pain

Sometimes, we can brush foot pain aside, dismissing it as not too big of a deal. However, when discomfort in your feet starts to affect your ideal healthy and active lifestyle, it’s time to make a change. Orthotics are a noninvasive, undisruptive treatment option that can help treat various types of foot pain. This includes:

Benefit #4 – Repositioning Foot Deformities

Misshapen or misaligned feet can cause further pain or injury if left untreated. Often, the fit of your shoes plays a significant role in foot misalignment! With the consistent use of custom-built orthotics, you can reposition the alignment of your foot and promote healing without the need for surgical intervention. Conditions that can be corrected or supported by orthotics include:

  • Bunions
  • Flat feet
  • High arches
  • Hammertoes
  • Other types of foot deformities

Benefit #5 – Ongoing Checkups

When a podiatrist hands over your custom orthotics, the treatment doesn’t end there. You’ll be able to schedule checkup appointments to ensure that your orthotics are having their intended effect, make any necessary adjustments, and track your health improvements. Custom orthotics are a long-term solution, and your podiatrist will be right there to guide your journey.

Benefit #6 – Flexible Treatment Paths

There are a range of different orthotic treatments available, making it all the more likely that there could be one suitable for you. When you sit down with your podiatrist, they’ll work to study the biomechanics of your foot and the support needs for your condition and find the right type of orthotics for you. Rigid orthotics are ideal for dress shoes and walking shoes, while remirigid orthotics are ideal for athletes or those living an active lifestyle. There are also more cushioned options, perfect for comfort!

Whatever your lifestyle demands, there’s an orthotic that can support you.

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