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It’s more essential to take care of your feet and lower legs more than you ever know. These complex structures help you stay up and move, so they need to be looked after.


How Podiatry May Help You

A podiatrist is your partner in healthcare that treats your feet and lower limbs condition. If you have pain or discomfort in your feet or lower legs that stop you from moving around as you’d like, seeing a podiatrist may be of great benefit to you.


Two major categories of podiatry include general foot care and biomechanical podiatry for sore legs and feet. Capital Podiatry’s focus is on biomechanical podiatry. Our hands-on approach differs from that of many other podiatrists. In focusing on biomechanical podiatry we understand that your feet are unique, and use the techniques that aim to get you back on your feet.

Treatment Techniques

At Capital Podiatry near Greenway we use tailored treatment plans so you’ll get the most out of your treatment. This may include foot mobilisation, shockwave therapy, dry needling, and biomechanical assessments depending on your goals and needs. We use hands-on therapy to help you feel better and get the best out of your problems, unlike other podiatrists.

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Our Podiatry Services Near Greenway


Orthotics aren’t a one size fits all solution. We use the most advanced technology to create custom orthotics for your feet that fit the natural shape of your feet.


Shockwave therapy stimulates your body’s natural processes to treat conditions such shin-splints or inflamed tendons, plantar fasciitis, and other ailments. By applying a hand-held applicator to the skin, we use shockwave therapy with the aim of accelerating healing without needles, medication, or surgery.


Warts are more common than you might think. The Swift Microwave Therapy, which Capital Podiatry uses, is a new technology that speeds up the removal of warts.


Ingrown toenails are painful and can lead to infection if not treated. We offer ingrown nail surgery for those with chronic ingrown toenails. This will allow you to get back into your favourite shoes in no time.

What We Treat


We can determine whether your heel or foot pain is due to high-impact exercises, tight muscles, walking style, or a combination of both.


When you’re an active person who loves to run, pain during or after running can really get you down. Our customised approach to this condition may include gait analysis, mobilisation and tailored remedial exercises to help you get back on your feet.


Fungal nails (an infection of the nail and nail bed) can be very difficult to mend if it’s not addressed right away. Capital Podiatry may be able to offer a Lunula Laser treatment. We can also trim your toenails and prevent the infection from spreading.


Plantar warts, which are usually located on the bottom of your foot, can cause tenderness or pain when you place weight on them. We aim to treat warts with Swift Microwave Therapy, the world’s leading wart treatment technology, in as few 30-minute sessions as possible.


Ingrown nails can cause pain and even lead to chronic problems. Ingrown nails can cause complications, especially in people with diabetes. It is important to seek treatment. Ingrown toenail removal can be done if you become unable to walk or are experiencing chronic pain.


Plantar fasciitis can cause pain in the heel. Plantar fasciitis is a condition where the thick band of tissue connecting the heel and the toes becomes inflamed. This causes pain near the heel that can often be worse in the morning. You have multiple options for treatment, but custom orthotics could be a good option to spread the pressure across your feet better.


Bunions are a bump on the joint typically next to the big toe, and sometimes on the opposite side of the foot at the little toe. Treatment options may include custom orthotics or foot mobilisation.


Achilles tendonitis, otherwise known as tendonitis of the heel, tends to cause pain, tenderness, or swelling that may reduce your range of motion and flexibility. We evaluate your symptoms, lifestyle, and goals in order to design a treatment plan.

Why Choose Capital Podiatry?

At Capital Podiatry near Greenway, most of our patients come to see us with painful feet and legs.We look at the way the bones, joints, and muscles in your feet and lower legs work and move together. We understand that pain can impact your daily life and prevent you from doing the things you love. We are focused on running, walking, and leg pain. The latest technology is used to develop personalised treatment plans to help you get back out there as quickly as possible.

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