We are recruiting a new podiatry assistant

We have an exciting opportunity for a podiatry assistant.

Your job will have a lot of variety and every day will be different:

  • treating patients – you’ll have your own patients for low-risk care for nails and skin
  • assisting our podiatrists – which includes setting up the room for each patient, sterilising instruments, shaping orthotics, assisting in nail surgeries, and
  • administrative work such as rebooking patients, ordering medical supplies, taking payments and some marketing tasks.

Our big focus is having a great culture at work. After all, if it’s a happy workplace, you’ll love being at work and our patients will get a great feeling just stepping inside our practice.

You will be joining a team with another podiatry assistant to work alongside, plus podiatrists and a practice manager.

Key strengths

You will be:

  • a people person, kind and genuine, with the ability to strike up a conversation with a wide range of people
  • interested in learning techniques and processes like laser for fungal nails and low-risk nail treatments
  • able to quickly move between treating, supporting and administrative tasks in the one day
  • a life-long learner just like us.

We’re a team that will support you and bring out the best in you. We love sending our patients home with a smile.

We’ve focused on creating a practice we enjoy, so we can be in it for the long term. Come and join us!

What else?

We’re a biomechanics-focused practice, mainly treating people with sore feet and legs. We have lots of great equipment – Zebris for gait analysis, shockwave to help muscles heal and 3D scanning for orthotics.

We offer a competitive salary plus flexible hours and holidays. We believe in birthdays, so we pay you to have a day off on your birthday.

Please send your application to Karina Seignarack, senior podiatry assistant Capital Podiatry admin@capitalpodiatry.com.au

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