Heel Pain Guide

Our heel pain guide helps understand chronic leg, heel and achilles pain and provides useful steps to diagnose and relieve pain.

  • Understanding heel pain
  • Steps you can implement to relieve pain
  • Next steps if you are still suffering from heel pain

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Still suffering from heel pain? - Information for your first appointment

If your feet and legs are in pain, we’re here for you. In our 60 minute session, our expert team will perform a comprehensive list of services to get you back on your feet, pain-free as quickly as possible.

We can provide Shockwave therapy as part of your treatment for chronic leg, heel and achilles pain.

Treatment inclusions:

  • Taking a detailed history to accurately understand your issues
  • Video Gait Analysis to identify any walking or running problems you may have
  • Physical examination of your feet and legs to determine any issues such as locked joints, muscle strains, or inflamed tendons (just to name a few!)
  • A detailed discussion about what is happening to you and why
  • Developing a comprehensive treatment plan to start you on the road to being active and pain free again
  • Treatment including joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy, orthotics, taping, dry needling and footwear and orthotics recommendations
  • Remedial exercises to make you stronger and more mobile

Initial consult with these services $225.00