Foot Rejuvenation

It’s that time of the year again – time to get your summer feet out!

Capital Podiatry offer a Foot Rejuvenation service – bringing together our years of clinical experience to provide a true treat for your feet.

We want to spoil you and offer you a relaxing, enjoyable service.


Our medical-grade foot rejuvenation service will make the difference:

  • We will trim, buff and shape your nails
  • Smooth away unsightly cracked heels and callus
  • Massage your feet with our favourite foot cream, which is so often lacking
  • Our half hour treatment will be delivered with a high level of detail

And because you’re being treated by a podiatrist, they will also be scanning your feet with practiced eyes; performing a health assessment while they treat you. They will alert you to any areas of concern and recommend the best treatment.

The initial foot rejuvenation service is $130.

Gift vouchers are also available! Call us on (02) 6293 3300 and we’ll post out a gift voucher.


Our patients come out saying they feel like they’re walking on air!


Our beautiful Foot Rejuvenation service is one of the easiest, most enjoyable ways to look after your feet this summer. If you want to experience amazing silky smooth summer feet, then book an appointment. 

We make maintaining your foot health easy. Capital Podiatry operates with strict infection and health protocols. Our equipment and instruments are sterilised and adhere to Australian Health Care Facility guidelines. Treat your feet today!