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ZEBRIS Biomechanics Canberra

All About Zebris Research-Grade Biomechanical Analysis

Have you ever wondered if you’re walking or running at your best? Whether you’re training to be a marathon runner or want to just keep up with your friends on your weekend walks, you don’t have time for anything that could be slowing you down or causing you pain.  Biomechanical assessments aim to answer your […]

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Fungal Nail Treatment with Pregnancy

Fungal Nail Treatment with Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of change for all involved. The pregnant person will undergo a lot of physical and emotional changes, and the same could even be said for their families!  Whether you’re becoming a parent for the first time or giving your eldest a sibling, there’s going to be a lot of changes over […]

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Heel Pain

Heel Pain: What is it and what can you do about it today?

If you are experiencing heel pain, or if your heel hurts when you walk? We breakdown the symptoms, conditions and solutions. Find out more.

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Running Problems

Common Running Injuries: What are they and what you can do about them today?

Runners put their body through a lot. When you log a lot of miles, it’s very common that you end up with running-related problems every now and again. From heel pain to back issues, these problems can hold you back from enjoying your time on the road. The human body is an incredibly complex infrastructure […]

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What does Podiatrist Do

What Does a Podiatrist Do on the First Visit?

If you’ve never visited a podiatrist before, it’s understandable that your first visit could be fraught with some anxiety and questions about what will actually occur. No matter the reason for your visit – from a sudden foot or ankle injury to persistent pain over an extended period of time – a podiatrist will carry out […]

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Benefits Heel Raise Exercise

Benefits of Heel Raise Exercises & How to Do It

Our calf muscles play a key role in many everyday activities, from walking to climbing steps, but they don’t get much of a workout beyond this. Working on your calf muscles can quite literally put a spring in your step, as well as make activities, like running, easier. If you haven’t been doing heel raise […]

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Plantar Warts Contagious

Are Plantar Warts Contagious?

If you’ve discovered some rough growths on your feet that you’re pretty sure are warts, it’s likely that you’ll have two pressing questions – how on earth did you get them, and are they contagious? Plantar warts are contagious and they’re often in difficult spots on your feet, and irritate you when you walk. At […]

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Diabetes-and-Nail-Fungus - Capital Podiatry

The 6 Health Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Let’s talk orthotics! Plenty of people have no clue what custom orthotics are actually designed to achieve, and no idea about the amazing health benefits they have to offer. Designed to provide unmatched support and tailored foot health solutions for all sorts of conditions, getting a pair of custom orthotics could very well be an […]

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Diabetes-and-Nail-Fungus - Capital Podiatry

Diabetes and Nail Fungus: What’s the Link?

Noticing that you’re toenails are suddenly yellow and brittle? Concerned about the correlation between toenail fungus and diabetes? For anyone with diabetes, fungal infections are both common and particularly concerning. Taking care of your feet and avoiding complications is simple, but it’s still important to understand how and why toenail infections could impact your health. […]

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What Causes Toenail Fungus

What Causes Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is incredibly common – and yet, for so many people, it’s a source of discomfort and embarrassment. But there’s no need to avoid sandals and paint over your discoloured nails in shame! Toenail fungus is easy to diagnose and treat. Frustrating as this condition can be to deal with, once you figure out […]

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What does a wart look like?

What Does A Wart Look Like?

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). They can appear in different regions of the body and have a range of appearances depending on the type of wart. A variety of triggers can prompt their development. Warts are often harmless and painless, though they can be unsightly and cause embarrassment. Warts are generally contagious, […]

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Is fungal nail infection contagious

Is A Fungal Nail Infection Contagious?

Our bodies are home to a variety of bacteria and fungus. Sounds delightful, right? But most of the time, we aren’t aware of them, and they don’t cause us any hassle. However, sometimes they do. This is often in the form of an infection and it’s at those times that it is beneficial to understand […]

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What does a podiatrist do?

What Does A Podiatrist Do?

Our lower limbs can be classed as one of the most important features of our bodies. They can get us from A to B and enable us to undertake many highly beneficial movements within our days. Feet and legs can help to provide support, balance, and better posture for those who use wheelchairs or crutches. […]

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