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Beyond the Surface

Your feet are the foundation of your entire body. Not only do they influence how you walk (your gait), but they play a significant role in your overall musculoskeletal health. Have you ever wondered why your gait feels a bit ‘off’ or you’ve been experiencing discomfort that won’t let up? Your biomechanics may have more to do with it than you thought.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to achieve their peak performance, somebody with persistent foot pain, or simply curious about how your feet affect your body, a biomechanical assessment may hold the answers you’re looking for.

Biomechanical Assessments by Capital Podiatry

At Capital Podiatry, we understand that your feet are unique. Nobody has the same foot mechanics— sometimes, one person’s two feet can even differ! That’s why we use a hands-on approach in all that we do, ensuring we cover every aspect of your feet’s journey to us.

During our biomechanical assessments, we discuss your health history with you and conduct a physical examination of your feet, including observing how you walk. By asking questions about your feet and any pain or injuries you may have, we aim to get a detailed overview of how your feet function.

We then perform a structural strength assessment to assess your range of motion, including in areas such as your knees and hips, and identify any weak areas you may have. We also aim to pinpoint any hypermobility or differences between your left and right limbs so we can understand how best to address these issues.

By looking at these factors and many others, our team aims to discover the most appropriate way to address your discomfort and get you back on your feet.

Ready to explore the power of a biomechanical assessment?

Biomechanical assessment

The Benefits of a Biomechanical Assessment

A biomechanical assessment may offer valuable insights into how your body moves and functions. Benefits may include:

Your Biomechanical Assessment Questions Answered

What is a biomechanical assessment?

A biomechanical assessment, performed by a knowledgeable podiatrist, evaluates how your musculoskeletal system functions and affects your body as a whole.

Who should get a biomechanical assessment?

Anybody experiencing pain or discomfort or interested in achieving or maintaining optimal movement may benefit from a biomechanical assessment. At Capital Podiatry, we see people of all ages, activity levels, and occupations for biomechanical assessments, including people with recurring injuries, people with musculoskeletal conditions, and athletes looking to optimise their performance.

What happens after a biomechanical assessment?

After your biomechanical assessment, we’ll discuss the results and work with you to create a tailored plan to get you back on your feet. This will depend on your foot mechanics, results, and goals.

Why Capital Podiatry?

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

The Capital Podiatry team is led by founder and principal podiatrist Mark, who has over two decades of experience in biomechanical assessments, gait analysis, and more.

Dedicated Care

We aim to help you with yours and see you make your way there. We don’t simply diagnose and send you off— we genuinely care for the people we work with.

We Address Your Concerns

Whatever the reason you’ve come to us for a biomechanical assessment, we aim to address the underlying issue or issues that brought you in.

Look and Leap Towards Your Goals

By uncovering the unique story your feet tell, our biomechanical assessment aims to guide us towards a treatment plan personalised to you. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, our goal is to help you take the first confident steps towards optimal well-being.

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If pain and discomfort have stopped you from doing what you love, there’s no better time than the present to address it. A biomechanical assessment by our experienced team at Capital Podiatry gives you the power to understand where your feet are coming from and how you can help them help you through your daily life. To gain insight and knowledge like never before, book your appointment today.

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